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Choosing cargo delivery by air

Cargo dispatch by air has a number of advantages.

Choosing cargo delivery by air

Cargo dispatch by air has a number of advantages. Here are the most common cases when delivery by plane will be the optimal solution:

1. You have expensive cargo.

In this situation the plane will ensure the maximum guarantee of safety and reliability: the minimum number of stops, handling operations and customs procedures with the highest delivery speed. The global practice confirms this rule: planes transport cargoes with at least 20% share of the total cost of all cargoes. More than half of electronic devices, gadgets, microchips and other expensive property are delivered by air.
Our specialists will organize air carriage of expensive cargoes and, if required, will select insurance of the property being transported. And remember, please, that expensive cargo does not mean expensive delivery.

2. You have cargo which must be urgently delivered.

Everything is obvious here: air carriage is the fastest way of delivery that has ever been created. The cruise speed of cargo aircrafts is 750 km/hour and more. There is often no alternative to this plane for perishable goods or express correspondence. A true-life example: up to 80% of cut flowers are delivered by air transportation. The other 20% of the flower cargo probably find sale with nearby buyers. Approximately the same parameters are for dispatch of products of pharmaceutical concerns: fast delivery of medications.
Get advice from our specialists or place an order for air transportation of express goods by phone or through the form on the website. We deliver cut flowers, medications, express correspondence and any other property even in the urgent mode. Direct agreements and partnership relations with air carriers allow to select the earliest regular flight or to order a charter.

3. You have no alternative: there is no way to get to the destination by other transport.

Everything is also quite clear here: the circumstances dictate the choice. Areas of the Extreme North and sometimes just the North are the hegemony of cargo air carriage. Mandarins to Novaya Zemlya? By plane only!
Apply to us, and we will provide it for you.


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