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Customs clearance

Qualified and prompt clearance of your goods at different customs posts

International cargo carriage includes mandatory customs clearance.

Owing to our partnership relations with customs brokers we can guarantee qualified and prompt clearance of your goods at different customs posts. Our specialists will prepare all the necessary documents and will escort the cargo at all stages of border crossing.

Our advantages:

  • we offer a package service of carriage, customs clearance and “to door” delivery;
  • experienced brokers working with the nomenclature of goods of any degree complexity;
  • representation of the Client’s interests in customs authorities in case of disputable issues;
  • customs clearance at the posts of the Northwest and Moscow.

List of services:

  • assistance in preparation of requests, receipt of the necessary documents;
  • selection in identification and assignment of goods codes according to the Customs Commodity Code, calculation of the amount of customs payments;
  • assistance in performance of phytosanitary and veterinary control;
  • representation of the Client’s interests during customs examination;
  • recovery of overpayments and wrongfully made customs payments.

How can be customs clearance ordered?

  • call us by +7 (812) 912-59-60
  • write to e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • or leave a request


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