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Warehouse and storage of air and motor cargoes

Warehouse and storage of air and motor cargoes

Solutions for temporary storage for cargo dispatch by plane

Air Trans Cargo has its own warehousing facilities for short-time storage of cargoes. You can use two warehouses based on your logistic needs.

Solutions for temporary storage for cargo dispatch by plane

At the warehouse in St. Petersburg we accept small-size, nonhazardous shipments of up to 80 kg inclusive: this is the cargo that is most often delivered by plane to the destination. The heated warehouse of 60 m2 is located in immediate proximity of Pulkovo airport and has a convenient car access. The warehouse is equipped with a security and fire alarm system; the access is controlled through a 24-hour security post. All cargo warehousing and storage procedures conform to GOSTs and are performed by qualified personnel.
You can additionally order:

  • Shipment delivery to the warehouse and then to the cargo terminal to Pulkovo airport. We agree on the time convenient for you for arrival of the forwarder in advance and provide operational information about the cargo.
  • Packaging and marking of the shipment in accordance with the requirements of airline companies to international and internal cargo carriage.
  • Loading and unloading works. They are carried out by handlers or special machinery. We handle your property carefully.
  • Safekeeping. This convenient and modern logistic solution, a kind of “warehouse outsourcing”, will save you the need to acquire and maintain your own warehousing facilities. By rendering this service we assume full pecuniary liability for your property within the warehouse.

Solutions for cargo dispatch by motor transport.

The warehousing facilities in Tallinn, Estonia, of 480 m2 are mostly used the Company’s own needs as a traffic terminal for organization of multimodal transportation or to accumulate consolidated loads into a consignment for further delivery to the destination. You can also use the service of short-term cargo storage in the warehouse.

Available services:

  • Repackaging of cargo and its marking, if necessary
  • Lifting works
  • Safekeeping

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