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Cost of cargo air carrige

Cargo dispatch by air: expensive or not?

Transportation of shipments by plane is more expensive unless you consider all the factors: required delivery speed, high value of the cargo and others. With account of the aggregate inputs cargo air transportation is usually an economically justified solution.

What does the cost of cargo carriage depend on?

The delivery price depends on a variety of factors, such as:
Characteristics of the cargo:
  • Weight and dimensions of the cargo;
  • Cost of the cargo;
  • Category of the cargo, the need to comply with strict conditions for permitted hazardous cargo;

And delivery terms:

  • Mode of transport;
  • Place of departure and destination;
  • Dispatch time and delivery time;
  • Carrier’s tariff;
  • Cost of customs clearance, etc.

How can the cost of the cargo dispatch by air be reduced?

1. Certain economy can be achieved by choosing the flight of airline companies: charter and regular, cargo and passenger, as well as the date of cargo dispatch. Apply to our employees for assistance and they will help you to find variants with the most interesting terms.
2. An efficient way to reduce the cost of transportation is to combine air delivery with other kinds of transportation. For popular destinations, such as the USA and the Asian region, including China, our company offers package solutions. The cargo delivery time and price are considerably reduced within the frames of CargoSize+ package: the cargo is delivered by air as far as a large European airport and then it is delivered by motor transport to the destination. Such a combination has the maximum efficiency factor enabling our clients to save both time and money. Ask our specialists about the details.


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