Air Trans Cargo

characteristics of planes in terms of their possibilities to accept cargo on board

Dimensions of cargo bays and cargo doors in planes.

We give the dimensions of the doors and bays of some popular models of planes for cargo transportation. Such information will help you to take in the situation if you:

  • Want to dispatch over-dimensioned cargo by air
  • It is a case of dispatch of a large consignment of goods by air
  • It is necessary to deliver the cargo to hard-to-reach areas.
It should be remembered that you can always apply to our specialists for an advice, and they will select a suitable aircraft or offer alternative ways of cargo dispatch; apart from air transport we are involved in transportation by rail, sea and road.

АН-26 (Antonov)

  • Maximum weight of air cargo: 5.5 tons
  • Cargo bay dimensions: 11.10*2.20*1.60 m.
  • Cargo door dimensions: 2.2*1.65 m.

АН-3Т. For local transportation

  • Maximum weight of air cargo: 1.8 tons
  • Cargo bay dimensions: 4.21*1.65 m.
  • Cargo door dimensions: 1.46*1.53 m.

AH- 32

Development for cargo transportation to high-mountain areas and works in hot climate: +45 degrees and 4,500 meters above sea level.
  • Maximum weight of air cargo: 6.7 tons
  • Cargo bay dimensions: 12.48*2.78*1.84 m.
  • Cargo door dimensions: 2.34*1.91 m.


“Cheburashka”. A light aircraft specially created for cargo delivery in the conditions of the Extreme North which can also operate in hot climate: the temperature range of operation is from +45 to -65 degrees. Transport and cargo-passenger modifications: Ан-74ТК-100, Ан-74-200 etc.
  • Maximum weight of air cargo: from 5 to 10 tons (depending on modification)
  • Cargo bay dimensions: 9.93 (10.50)*2.15 (2.5)*2.2 m
  • Cargo door dimensions: 2.4*2.27 m.

АН-124-100 (Ruslan)

It was specially created for air transportation of over-dimensioned and heavy cargoes. It was modified on the basis of the military-transport АН-124 – one of the best transport airplanes in the world. It has made several world achievements: in 1991 it circled the globe within 72 hours (7 records on the way); in 1985 it lifted 171 tons of cargo to the height of 10,750 meters. On the aggregate Ruslan has over 30 records. This is the plane that can carry other planes. АН-124 has carried unique cargo for aviation, such as a chemical reactor (140 tons), a mine tracked dumper (150 tons).
  • Maximum weight of air cargo: 120 tons
  • Cargo bay dimensions: 36.5*6.68*4.4 m
  • Cargo door dimensions: 6.6*4.4 m


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